Meet Gaby Olaiz

Gaby Olaiz, Designer & Cabinet Sales Associate

Joining Eren Design & Remodel in 2014, Gaby brings nearly 15 years of industry experience to the team. As a kitchen & bath designer, she works closely with you to help you reveal the full potential of your space. Her understanding of cabinetry gives her the unique ability to maximize the functionality and beauty of your home’s two most heavily used areas.

Gaby moved to Arizona to pursue her education. She earned her Bachelor of Interior Design from the Art Center Design College. As you begin the design and remodel process, she encourages you to have patience and know your budget up front.

A scuba diving, Tapatio Doritos nibbling, hiking enthusiast, Gaby is a loving mother of four - two children and two fur babies. While her boxer puppies are a handful, they’re darn cute. Just ask to see a picture.

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