Meet Kelly Potter

Kelly Potter, Lead Designer

Kelly Potter believes in choices for the remodeling clients of Eren Design. “One of my favorite activities is taking our clients on a “selections” trip. We go look at what’s available in carpet, counters, backsplashes, hardwood and tile flooring. Helping the client take what can seem like an overwhelming amount of choices and narrow them down to a look that is perfect for them is very satisfying! I then incorporate those choices into the design I've created especially for them.”

Even though Kelly has only been with Eren Design since 2007, she has been creating knockout designs since the turn of the century. She received her BA in Interior Design from Michigan State University before migrating with her husband, Andrew, to the warmer climes of Tucson.  One of Kelly and Andrew’s favorite activities is traveling. “I hate to say it because it sounds like a cliché, but ‘I love Paris!’” says Kelly. Another favorite destination is the Hawaiian Islands, where they recently visited the less traveled island of Lanai.

Kelly is skilled in using all the latest design tools when creating client designs: 20/20, Chief Architect, and AutoCad. “I love having the ability to “show” someone what their design is going to look like in 3-D.  We can actually walk virtually through the whole design. This eliminates any surprises and can also prompt some great additional ideas.”

Currently, Kelly and Andrew are in the midst of remodeling their Tucson home that was built in 1928. “You would think that designing remodeling projects all day would be enough, but I just love what I do!”

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