Courteous, Careful, and Respectful

We consider ourselves guests in your home and your neighborhood. Every member of our team is mindful of their language and volume. Nothing that belongs to you is ever borrowed. Nor is any food or drink brought inside your home.

Our employees never smoke in or adjacent to the premises. We never listen to radios, even if the home is unoccupied. We recycle all corrugated cardboard, dispose of any liquid waste off site, and only wash paint brushes and equipment in designated cleanup areas.

Protecting Your Home’s Health

Throughout the entire remodel we run a Build Clean air filtration system. This portable unit helps ensure no excess dust or grime permeates your home.

We perform a daily sweep and store tools each night to maximize safety. When appropriate, we provide shoe covers for all who enter. Tools are never placed on finished surfaces. Proper dust protection is installed and maintained throughout your home during the remodel. At the conclusion of each project, we thoroughly clean the entire space.

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Our unique process ensures your project is finished on time and exceeds your expectations.