3 Home Improvement New Year's Resolutions

It’s that time of year again. The time when most of us make big, bold goals for the following 365 days. A good number of our friends are probably making self-improvement resolutions. Lose weight. Drop a dress size. Exercise more.

These are all very admirable goals. And, they may or may not also be on my list. But, what about adding something a little different to this year’s list?

A home improvement resolution can be just as impactful as a self-improvement one. And, it’s one you’re likely to keep.  

Become a Family Gathering Hub

The older we get, the further family seems to drift. Jobs and passions can take our loved ones out of state and even out of the country. One of my son’s moved to Taiwan. I miss him terribly! But the beauty of having built a large entertainment space is that our home acts as a gathering hub. It encourages our family members – young and old – to come visit. I know one day, in the not so far off future, my son and his family will do just that.

Get Ready for the Tucson Heat

We’ve had a warm winter. Chances are, we’re going to have a warm summer too. Is your home prepared to weather the heat? Now’s the time to get it checked. You’ll want to ensure none of the doors or windows are leaking air. This can cause your electric bill to skyrocket. You’ll also want to make sure your air conditioning is in tip-top shape. The last thing you want is it to go kaput on one of our hottest days.

Make Your Efficient and Safe

Have you ever found yourself worrying you left the oven on or the garage door open? Equipping your house with a home automation system can allow you to quickly turn on or off everything from your alarm and TV to your sprinkler system and AC.

Let’s talk about how to make your New Year’s home improvement resolutions a reality.

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