3 Things to Look For Before You Start a Tucson Remodeling Project

As you reveal the full potential of your Tucson home, don’t forget a healthy home makes for a healthy family. Ensure your home is not only aesthetically pleasing, but safe.

These are three things to be aware of before you commence any remodel:

Lead Safe? Lead based paint hasn’t been used for 30 years, however it still exists in older homes. We test all homes built prior to 1978 before commencing any Tucson remodeling project.

Popcorn Pesticides? The popular popcorn ceilings so many older homes have can potentially have asbestos in them. Prior to removal all popcorn ceilings should be tested to protect you and your home remodelers from harmful pesticides.

Mold or Waste? Mold and animal waste is sometimes discovered within the cavities of homes during a remodel. Exercise caution and utilize air scrubbers for its removal.

Are you wondering if these precautions will affect your cost? It depends. There are simple and complex choices. Utilizing low VOC paint is not a big cost driver. Nor is testing for lead paint or the presence of mold. However, the remedy for lead paint and mold may increase costs because the protocols to protect you and the workers are somewhat expensive.

If it might cost you more, why should you care about taking precautions for a healthy home? Following proper protocol could improve the air quality. It could also lessen the risk of your home negatively affecting your well-being. A healthy home makes for a healthy family and a happy life. We strongly recommend using a design and remodel firm committed to healthy homes.