4 Kitchen Cabinets Considerations

Is your Tucson kitchen ready for an update? Think new kitchen cabinets are just the thing? Before you start ripping off doors and chucking shelves into the dumpster, ask yourself these four key questions.

1. How long do you plan to stay in your home?

Return on investment (ROI) is a major consideration if you plan to move soon. While updating your cabinets can help you increase your asking price, it only does so to a point. Take stock of the kitchen cabinets in comparable homes. You’ll want your update to be on the same level as these other listings.

Often this means not pulling out all the stops with your new cabinets. Rather, for the best ROI you’ll want to pick a more middle-of-the-road variety. But if you plan to be in your home for some time, investing in something you love offers invaluable rewards.

2. Do you want to change your kitchen layout or just give it a face lift?

Your cabinets can play a major role in the layout of your kitchen. How the doors, drawers, and shelves are designed often dictates where you store everything from plates and appliances to silverware and pantry items. Do you like the current shelving arrangement or would you like to change things up a bit?

3. Would the kitchen benefit from any specific features?

Cabinet designers have become incredibly creative. Pre-made cabinets now often allow you to include space-saving features like rolling drawers to maximize deep space, specially designed lazy susans to help utilize corner shelving, and expertly crafted vertical shelving to create a dedicated home for tall cookie sheets.

4. What’s your budget?

If your cabinets simply need a face-lift, this can be a relatively quick and affordable process. Depending on the condition of the existing cabinet frames, we have clients who often just replace the cabinet doors and pulls. The results are stunning. However, you can also achieve a lot without breaking the bank by using a fully framed cabinet solution.

Select the Kitchen Cabinet Solution That’s Right for You

We offer three different cabinet lines to meet a variety of needs. Our fully framed cabinets by Wellborn feature elegant designs and budget-friendly price points. Our Frameless cabinets by Sollera Fine Cabinetry deliver a sleek kitchen update that maximizes space. And, our completely customized cabinets by Hallmark give you limitless options.

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