4 Lighting Suggestions for Your Bathroom Remodel

Despite being one of the crucial features, I’ve noticed lighting is often overlooked in bathroom designs. However, once you begin thinking in terms of function, the available design options are nearly limitless. Here are a few examples to get you started.

Though not commonly found in bathrooms, chandeliers can add a beauty and sophistication to a bathroom, especially one that is large and has high ceilings. The best material choices are glass and crystal, because a wide variety of colors and designs are available to match your preference and design requirements. A chandelier will offer excellent ambient light and a touch of class to your bathroom. Just be aware that appropriate sizing is critical. If the chandelier is too large for the space, it will come off as presumptuous. 

Hanging pendant lighting above sinks and vanities introduces another place for flare and taste, while providing task-specific lighting. The wide variety of pendant lights offers excellent options for nearly all decorating styles, from American Modern to Mediterranean to Oriental. Consider using pendant lights in pairs around mirrors and the door of your bathroom.

For the shower and bathtub, consider recessed lights. They provide plenty of light for bathing, yet will blend into the room nicely. Smaller recessed lighting can be used as accent lights, and can even make custom tile work “pop” out. 

Finally, one of the most desired forms is still natural lighting and shouldn't be overlooked. Obviously a large, well-placed window will allow natural light to pour into the bathroom during the day. Consider adding a skylight to the bathroom remodel plan if a window isn't possible. Skylight tubes are a great, inexpensive alternative that will allow the sun to penetrate the room with its rays.

As you plan your bathroom remodel, remember that the lighting you choose should work in layers, so if possible, consider a combination of lighting options. This way you can be sure that your lighting is practical when dressing or applying makeup — plus your well-thought-out lighting plan will make your bathroom remodel shine.

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