5 Must Ask Questions Before Your Kitchen Remodel

Any remodeling project is a huge decision. Not only is it exciting, but it’s trying– exciting because there are many decisions to be made and trying because living through a kitchen remodel can be difficult.

However, renovating your kitchen is one of the best returns on investment you can make to your home, as well as bring enjoyment to your living space. However, before the first wall is torn down or tile set, there are many things to consider – and think through. These five “must ask” questions will help keep excitement building and trying in check.

1) How do you use your kitchen?
The way you use your kitchen is perhaps the most important question you need to answer – because above all else, a kitchen must be functional – to you.

Do you enjoy cooking and consider the kitchen your canvas to create a beautiful masterpiece? If so, the most important aspects when remodeling are your appliances and your cooking space, as well as what items you need in your kitchen as you create.

How many people use your kitchen? If you often cook with others, consider how you use appliances and counter space, and how the kitchen should be laid out to provide room for more than one person to work together.

Is your kitchen the place to entertain? If you love having company and the kitchen is your gathering place, the first aspect to think of is space for people in the kitchen. Another great idea is including a large pantry where you can hide "the mess" from the company as you prepare the meal.

2) What look do you desire?
You can answer this question by doing a little research. Look through magazines, at show homes and online to find looks you are drawn to. Also think about the rest of your home, and make sure the finishes will flow through the rest of the living space, particularly if you have an open-concept layout.

When you have a look in mind, take pictures, measurements and information to a professional, as they can help perfect your design.

3) What is your budget?
A kitchen remodel can include small, inexpensive changes, or be a large-scale, expensive project. Understand what your budget is and plan accordingly so there are no surprises.

4) What is included?
Kitchen remodels can include many different elements. Sometimes they include just one; other times the entire kitchen is redone. Some items to consider are: cabinets, flooring, countertops, backsplash, paint, colors, sinks, faucets and lighting.

5) Should I ask for help?
Some people have the time and the eye to complete a project DIY. Others need a little help. For the amount of money spent on a kitchen, often asking a professional is well worth a small extra cost in the end to ensure that every detail is finished off just so.

Knowing your answers to these questions will help you design – and get – the kitchen you want. Furthermore once complete, your beautiful, newly remodeled kitchen will be worth the minor inconveniences that came during the remodeling process.

Janice Donald, Revealing the Full Potential of Your Home