5 Tucson Remodeling Tips to Avoid Common Painting Mistakes

A fresh coat of paint is one of the cheapest and quickest ways to give your home in Tucson a facelift. But, if something goes awry, you might be caught paying double. These quick tips will help you avoid common painting mistakes.

1)    Test – WAIT – OBSERVE

Even though paint is a relatively inexpensive home upgrade, it still comes with a cost. So, you want to use a small sample you like before you cover your walls with it. Acquire a small quantity of the desired paint and do some test samples in the room. Allow yourself 24 hours to consider the color. This will let you view the paint samples in different lights.

2)    Surface Attention

Each type of surface is unique and not all paints are universal. Make sure to consult the labeled specifications before dipping a brush and getting to work.

3)    Power Wash/Clean Appropriately

Painting a dirty surface can lead to uneven color and cause the paint to chip or peel away. If you are outdoors, make sure to fully power wash or clean your surface before painting. For indoor jobs, thoroughly remove all drywall dust.

4)    Follow Instructions

Properly applying paint can increases its vibrancy and life span. Make sure to read and follow the instructions closely for best results.

5)    Weather Conscious

If you are painting outdoors, weather can play a major role in your painting success. Surfaces should be dry prior to painting and skies should remain free of rain long enough to let the paint dry. In warmer climates, like Tucson, paying attention to the heat is important. If the paint dries too quickly, you can easily create streaks and darker patches.

What other Tucson remodeling tips do you have?

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