6 Things We Love About the Sam Hughes Neighborhood

Rich in history, rife with color, and filled with stunning architecture, the Sam Hughes Neighborhood is a beautiful place to live and visit.

  1. Civic Origins - The square-mile neighborhood is named after local entrepreneur and civic philanthropist, Sam Hughes. Hughes was known to his extreme generosity and commitment to education. Many of Tucson’s local schools, including the nearby elementary school and University of Arizona, bear his name to this day.
  2. The History - One of Tucson’s oldest neighborhoods, development began in 1921. This was the beginning of a local construction boom that lasted until 1932. Many of the homes built during that time period still stand today. Among the early builders was John W. Murphey and Josias Joesler. Both men played an integral role in the development of Tucson’s architecture. In 1994, the neighborhood was designated an historic district.
  3. Turn-of-the-Century Territorial Style Homes & Mission-Style Bungalows - The Hispanic roots run deep in the architectural style found throughout the Sam Hughes neighborhood. They showcase rich colors that match the surrounding mountains, including browns, purples, and sage greens.
  4. Walkable - As throughout most of Tucson, the Sam Hughes Neighborhood features flat streets ideal for leisurely strolls. Walking here is made particularly enjoyable by the trees that line the sidewalks.
  5. Close Proximity to University of Arizona - Bordered to the west by the University of Arizona, Sam Hughes offers Wildcats fans easy access to stadiums on gameday.
  6. Bicycle Art - The garden of former Canadians Margaret and Bill Davenport features brightly colored old bicycles and unicycles that have been repurposed into planters. These two and one-wheeled beauties now overflow with colorful blooms.

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