7 Kitchen Remodeling Tips

When you dream about a kitchen remodel, do you picture a stunning backsplash and polished cabinets? While remodeling your kitchen can definitely be about these beautiful updates, it's also about a lot more - namely creating a kitchen that's as functional as it is beautiful. Use these tips to create just such a kitchen. 

  1. Consider how you will use the different spaces within your kitchen. Store cocktail glasses near the bar where they are used most frequently. Create cabinet space for fish ware and silver wear near the dishwasher to make unloading toys the dishes a breeze.
  2. Provide adequate space for movement. Even if there's typically one 'one cook in the kitchen' at your house, chances are multiple individuals will be in the kitchen from time to time. Try to keep paths throughout the kitchen at least 26-inches wide and patches past cooking spaces 42-inches wide to allow more than one individual enough room to pass.
  3. Think about the kids. As noble as it is to take care of your kids, teaching your kids to fend for themselves is also noble. Plus, think of the freedom! Make it easy for little ones to grab a pre-approved snack by creating a specific drawer for them at their height.
  4. Allow your cabinets to open. If you have to close one cabinet door to open another, putting dishes away can be a headache. Make sure to carefully plan room for your doors to swing open.
  5. Give yourself a little breathing room. Putting a mini-fridge and extra sink in your bar area can create the space you need to breathe easy. It gives you room to expand during prep, store extras for a party, and create a serve-yourself bar. 
  6. Make a designated spot for your knives. Knives are one of the most dangerous items in your kitchen. This is especially true if you don’t have a good place to store them. Creating a dedicated storage space ensures your knives aren’t being placed in catawampus places where they can fall.
  7. Install lots of outlets. When you need to constantly unplug one appliance to plug in a new appliance, it can turn a quick job into a headache. Make sure to add plenty of outlets along the backsplash of your counter and on your island. 

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