Achieving the “Wow effect” With a Home Remodel

There is no greater feeling for someone that recently completed a remodel or interior design project than achieving the “WOW effect,” when showing their reinvented space to friends and family.

That moment, when you enter your new space, and your company is either speechless—with eyes wondering in amazement, sticking to each wall. Or, they can’t keep quiet and the questions keep coming: “Who is the designer?” “This piece is lovely, who is the artist?” And the kicker: “Where can I find one of these for my home?”

This is no easy task. (Which is where we come in!)

Achieving the “WOW effect” is the result of a perfect combination of bold design choices, utilizing the full potential of the living space, and a real sense of atmosphere. This can come down to furniture staging and placement, finding the optimal lighting and the timelessness of your design.

Most importantly: Own it! By unleashing your inner you, and really letting your design reflect not just your functions of necessity but your interests, passions and hobbies, your home becomes a portrait of you and your family.

The kitchen is a common source of inspiring the “WOW effect.” Turn your kitchen into the heart of your home by creating an atmosphere that is as visually stunning as it is functional, while serving as an artistic atmosphere in which to serve food.  The nature of cooking almost inherently designates the kitchen as a creative space. By adding some seasoning to your design, and a liberal dash of yourself, the kitchen can reflect this creativity, and be the heart of your home.