Be Green with your Kitchen Remodel

The kitchen is the heart of most any home. It’s the place for cooking and eating as well as socializing and entertaining. You and your family probably spend quite a bit of time in the kitchen and when people come over to visit the kitchen is likely where they’ll want to converge. That’s why if you want to go green, a kitchen remodel is the best place to start.

The easiest way to go about orchestrating a green kitchen remodel is to take a look at the appliances you’re using. An estimated 20-40% of a home’s total energy bill originates in this one room, so changing out the appliances with high-efficiency models can drastically reduce your carbon footprint. Look for Energy Star electric appliances to help save you money in the long run and go further with your green remodel.

Part of the green kitchen remodel is also how it is constructed. When gutting out old cabinetry, don’t just let it go to the landfill. Most everything you’re looking to throw out can be recycled. In addition to that, make sure you’re only getting rid of what you have to. By salvaging your existing sinks, cabinetry, flooring, and plumbing fixtures, you not only help save your pocketbook but also are doing a great thing for the planet. With materials efficiency, you can be well on your way to make your kitchen and home lean and green!

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