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It can often be overlooked, but having a nice place to stay for your guests is vital in your home design. Instead of just picking the smallest room in the house and filling it with mismatched furniture and decor found at garage sales, this room needs to be elegant and refined.

That being said, you can take your time making the room gorgeous. Since it isn’t a primary room in your house, there is no need to feel like it needs to be packed with the best of the best right away. Gradually work toward it with each new paycheck, setting aside money after all the essentials for the rest of your family’s needs are taken care of. Since time isn’t an issue, you have the opportunity to shop around and hold out for great deals on the best furnishings that’ll be sure to impress your guests.

Many homeowners use the guest room to pull double duty. It may have a bed, but it’s primarily used as a den or office, and that’s fine, too. Having mixed-use furniture can still make a room look luxurious while making it practical when your friends and family aren’t staying with you. A great home design tip for a situation such as that is to have a desk that allows your computer to be hidden from sight when it isn’t in use.

By ensuring that your guest bedroom is just as lovely as the rest of your home, your friends and family will be more willing to stay with you when they come to visit. That means you’ll be able to spend more time with those who are dear to you. If your guests can tell the room isn’t well kept, though, they may be inclined to stay at a hotel or, worse, not visit at all.

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