Bigger is Better in a Bathroom Remodel

Sometimes your bathroom just cannot be as big as you would like it to be. Sure, a small bathroom can feel cozy and intimate, but it can also feel claustrophobic and depressing and no matter how you decorate it, it will always be a small bath.

With some visual magic, color and lighting changes in a bathroom remodel, you can make your bathroom feel larger.

Keep the colors soft and pale to give the illusion of more space. I'm not saying that the small bath has to be pink, but avoid strong, exciting colors. Use the brights for accessories and towels, but select pastel tones, neutrals, and whites for backgrounds.

Brighten up the room by adding extra lighting to open up the look of your bathroom and add interest. Recessed can lighting can be installed into the ceiling and focused on any work space. Wall sconces or a countertop lamp will add warmth. Skylights and large windows can also help by bringing in more natural light with your bathroom remodel.

Replace the large vanity with a pedestal or wall-mounted sink to free up some precious floor space, which will definitely make the room feel more open. Though the storage that comes with the vanity will be sacrificed, you could instead add a small shelf or reorganize a nearby linen closet to accommodate the influx of items.

Trying out these bathroom remodel tips can make any bathroom feel much larger, but remember that we can always help you expand your bathroom if you would rather actually have the extra space.