Bring your Home Remodel to Life: Bright Colors Tips

Add some lively zest to your home by remodeling with bright colors. Since bright colors are so noticeable, you don't need to go big to pack a punch. Because of this, adding lively colors into your interior design can be extremely effective for a minimal price.

Whether it's a single throw pillow, a brightly upholstered ottoman, or beautiful window treatments, using fabrics made of bright colors is a great way to add life to your space. If you're nervous of using a lot of them, start small. Don't spend a lot of money on a bright sofa, but rather toss a few inexpensive pillows on a neutral sofa.

Artwork that utilizes bright colors can bring your walls to life. These can be paintings, posters, or even art made by your kids. Put them in frames and hang them on a neutral wall that needs a little pizazz. You can also do this with pieces of fabric or put small brightly-colored objects in shadow boxes and hang them.

Lamps are important for adding task and ambient lighting into a newly remodeled space, but they're also important decorative items. Adding a shapely lamp in a bright color can add a real punch of personality to a room. This doesn't stop with the lamp itself—lampshades are available in all sorts of colors and patterns and if you can't find one that suits you, you can dress up a plain shade in any way you want. Use ribbon, decorative trim, or even fabric paint to customize shades to make them your own.