Built-In Beauty

Who doesn’t love seeing a nice built-in when looking at pictures of homes? They look fantastic, store everything you want them to, and add a bit of class to any interior.

Before you get started on your built-in, make sure you consider your needs. Measure what you need to store and make sure the shelves can accommodate that. Consider cabinet doors to make built-in storage for things you do not want to show off. Take into account lighting needs to ensure that the built-in does not become just a dark corner in the room.

The only downside to built-ins is that they can sometimes be a little too customized and, as the name implies, they are more permanent than furniture. Because of this, it’s not recommended to go all out with built-ins just to add value to your home as someone else’s needs may not be adequately met with your built-in and redesigning them can be difficult. They also do not work too well for your own changing needs; if you have a built-in entertainment center and it is designed to fit your TV perfectly, you won’t be able to upgrade to a larger screen without a bit of demolition work first.

Once the project is finished, you will have a beautiful storage center to showcase everything that makes you who you are. When your guests step into your home and see this gorgeous new addition, professionally crafted and designed to complement your room perfectly, they will absolutely take notice. Who knows—maybe they will even be inspired to create their own!

Do you have any built-ins in your home? Share them with us.