Is Your Lack of Kitchen Storage an Issue?

Creative cabinet updates can help you uncover storage you never knew your kitchen has.

When your kitchen counter doubles as your storage rack for pots, pans, and appliances, cooking even the simplest of dinners can become a chore. Minimalists might recommend you toss your mixer and pare down your pots and pans. But who wants to do that?  

Typically, a lack of kitchen storage can be solved with some simple updates to your kitchen cabinets.

8 Cabinet Solutions to Increase Storage Space

1. Space Corner Drawers

For the space conscious, corners can present a significant problem, as the traditional drawer system leaves a significant amount of space unused. Cabinets equipped with lazy susans are often used to overcome this space issue. However, the corner drawer offers a sleek alternative. Outfitted with full-extension drawer hardware, these unique drawers can take advantage of the full depth of the drawer setup, including the inside downer where you can put smaller items.

2. Blind Corner Lazy Susans

Blind corners are created when an adjacent wall extends a substantial length, cutting off your view of the back left or right corner. Neither space corner drawers nor lazy susans solve this problem, as they still don’t give you access to the back left or right corner. Using the lazy Susan’s swivel technology, blind corner drawers, rotate out of the cabinet, giving you full access to the cabinet’s contents.

3. Filler Pullout

It’s not uncommon for full-frame or semi-custom cabinets to have small gaps between appliances and the cabinets. This is where the filler pullout comes into play. It allows you to take full advantage of this space. And, it provides a more polished look. It also happens to be a great place for storing spices.


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4. Floating Shelves

When you want more storage without the bulky feel of more cabinets, floating shelves are just the thing. Providing a light and airy look, they give you additional space to tuck away dishes or specialty pieces you’d like to display.

Word to the Wise: Floating shelves or opening shelving can quickly look messy. Make sure if you install these, you have a clear idea of what you want to put on those shelves and how you will keep them clean.

5. Vertical Dividers

Cookie sheets are perhaps the biggest storage headache of any kitchen. Where in the world to you put these long and awkward shapes? Vertical dividers are to the rescue. Allowing you to store your cookie sheets upright, lets you maximize your space and easily access your cookie sheets when you need them.

6. Full-Extension Pullout Shelves

Deep cabinets can quickly become a black hole for everything from canned goods to pot lids. By equipping your cabinets with full-extensions pullout shelves, you’ll always be able to see what you have and access it.

7. Deep Drawers

While you most likely won’t want all your drawers to be deep, having one or two can be extremely helpful. This makes a great space for storing large pots and pans, that otherwise might have to live in the stove.  

8. On-Counter Garage

Love your mixer, but don’t always want to out? An on-counter garage equipped with a rolling door allows you to easily take out and put away larger appliances.

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