Choosing Your Tucson Remodeler: Don’t Gamble.

One of the biggest decisions you’ll make after deciding to remodel your home is who you want to use to do the remodeling. This is no small decision. You’re getting ready to spend a significant amount of money.

You’re going to be living with the results daily for a long time. And on top of those things, you’re going to be giving someone free access to your home for a fairly lengthy period of time.

That’s why choosing your remodeler is so important. You want someone who you know will do a good job. And you want someone you can trust in your home. How do you find that person or company?

Any reputable contractor will provide you with references. Business references are good because they let you know the contractor is legitimate and reputable in the business community. References from individuals who have had work done are essential. But don’t just rely on names and addresses on a page. Call some of these references and, if possible, take a first-hand look at the work they’ve done. We’re big believers in having clients do just that.

Here’s why.

A while back we met with a couple that were interested in having us remodel their master bath. They took a conservative approach toward the bath remodel because they were planning to spend significant money on remodeling their kitchen.

After we gave them a list of references they called one of them and asked if they could come see the remodeling job we’d done. They told us they were blown away by what they saw, and it changed their vision of what was possible in their home. Not only did they hire us, but they also eliminated all the obstacles we had previously faced in the remodeling project. Why? They were comfortable with who we were and what we could do.

When you’re selecting a contractor for your home remodeling project you need to make sure your comfortable. And you shouldn’t just settle for someone who’s nice. Anyone can talk a good game. You need to be sure you’re also comfortable with the kind of work that contractor will do for you. And the best way to do that is to see it with your own eyes.

What’s your criteria for selecting a contractor for your home renovation project?

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