Cleaning 101: Tips for After the Home Remodel

Now that you have your home remodel done and your house is looking gorgeous, it's time to keep it that way. By doing regular cleaning and organizing, your home will always look as beautiful as the day you finished your renovations.

Keeping these tips in the back of your mind will help ensure you get the best bang out of your home remodel by making sure it always looks fantastic!

Decluttering can go a long way to making your space look bigger and brighter. If you have a small space, it's best to fill it with multifunctional pieces, like coffee tables with a shelf for books or beds that have enough room for storage underneath. Even in larger spaces, your home will quickly feel cramped and messy if things like your computer cords are left in a tangled pile in plain sight. Find a place to store all the necessities in an elegant or unnoticeable way to keep this from happening.

It's one thing to make your home look cleaner by organizing, but it's another to actually take the time to do the hard cleaning. In addition to your usual, vacuuming and moping, don't forget to dust and wipe down the surfaces of counters and tables after a home remodel. In the bathroom, making the mirrors sparkle can instantly make it feel bigger and cleaner. Don't forget the grout cleaner to touch up around the tub and toilet if it's beginning to look grungy.

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