Custom Tucson Kitchen Remodeling: The Aftermath!

You may heave a huge sigh of relief after your kitchen renovation project is complete. It’s not surprising. After all, your kitchen is probably the hub of your home.

But before you kick back and savor the excellence of your new room (with all of it’s cool new appliances and toys), there are a few things you should do to keep you kitchen a place you’ll enjoy down the road (and hopefully eliminate future headaches).

Don’t Be in a Hurry to Throw Stuff Away

After a renovation project there always seem to be “extra” parts. Fight the urge to dump all of them. An extra cabinet hinge doesn’t take up much space, but you’ll be glad you have it if you ever need to replace one in your new cabinets (especially if the manufacturer discontinues your model).

The paint in your kitchen probably looks fantastic right now. But what if you need to touch something up in a few months? It can be tricky to get an exact match—even if you have the correct paint number.

If you put in tile (on the counter or on the floor), you’ll want to save a few extras. Again, it can be tricky to find an exact match if you’re buying from a new lot.

Organize Your New Kitchen—in a Folder

You’ll have some important papers, documents, and information that you may need to access. Create a “New Kitchen Folder” where you keep things such as:

  • Model names and/or numbers of equipment and appliances
  • Customer service contacts and warranty information
  • Invoices, sales receipts or other proofs of purchase
  • Customer use and care manuals for all appliances
  • Contact information (phone numbers, addresses, email addresses) for all contractors

OK! Now you can relax and enjoy your new kitchen!