Dealing with Your HOA for Tucson Home Remodeling Projects

Several factors can influence your Tucson home renovation. Depending on where you live, your neighborhood architectural committee might be one of them. Dealing with your neighborhood architectural committee doesn’t have to be a gruesome, restrictive process.

Being aware of your neighborhood’s CC & R’s will help guide you in revealing the full potential of your home.

What are CC & R’s? They are the covenantsconditions and restrictions which dictate how a homeowners association operates and what rules the owners --- and their tenants and guests --- must obey. These rules are legally enforceable by the homeowners association, unless a specific provision conflicts with federal, state, or local laws. At times, these legal documents might also be called the bylaws, master deed or house rules.

How are CC & R’s implemented? Normally an architect or architectural review committee is appointed to review proposals for new work. They ensure the improvements are in compliance with the CC & R’s.

When do CC & R’s affect a remodel? Generally, CC & R’s cover the outside aesthetics of a house. When a remodel will alter your home’s visible appearance, it is helpful to have the design review process included in the planning of the project.

Will your CC & R’s keep you from having the home you want? They could potentially restrict your remodel. However, generally our experience with such committees is they are sensitive to the desires of their homeowners. We encourage you to appreciate the value of your CC & R’s. They were created to protect the integrity of your community and maintain the value of your home.