Decorating for Christmas in the Tucson & the Southwest

Instead of all the same old fashioned Christmas decorations, try embracing the culture and natural beauty of the southwest during the holidays. There are a lot of options to choose from that'll perfectly complement your southwestern decor and, even though we won't have snow on the ground, it'll still look a lot like Christmas.

Whether you want to just add a cowboy hat to a Santa figurine or deck the halls with a saguaro-shaped Christmas tree, your home will have that genuine southwestern holiday flair!

Chili peppers are a perfect accessory for holiday decoration. You can find everything from Christmas lights shaped like red and green chili peppers to wreaths made out of the bright-colored peppers. They also have the added benefit of already being the perfect colors for the Christmas season!

You can also add traditional clothing items in place of what you might normally see during the holidays. Dress up a big Santa figure like a cowboy with spurred-boots and chaps. Give your Frosty the Snowman a ten-gallon hat. Instead of hanging stockings by the fireplace, use cowboy boots. The sight of the familiar characters in western wear will really impress your guests—especially if they are out-of-state.

Don't forget the Christmas tree, too. You can find many southwestern-themed ornaments to put all around your tree, but that's only the beginning. Wrap some rope around the tree or include some raffia bows. You can also use a Zarape blanket as the runner underneath the presents for some extra flair.