Decorating with Plants in Your Tucson Home

Just because it's winter outside doesn't mean it has to be dreary inside. Even though some of the leafier plants are losing their green outside your windows, you can bring some eternal life into your home with more exotic plants.

Plants make beautiful additions to any room's decor. If given the right care, plants can work perfectly to simply add some color or make a dramatic centerpiece in your Tucson home. Since your home is always a nice, comfortable temperature for your family, you don't have to worry about a harsh freeze, either.

The first step in finding the perfect plants is knowing your home decor. If you have modern pieces, sleek plants with long and slender shapes look best while feminine ferns work well with Victorian decor. Cacti, of course, are a perfect complement for the Southwestern home!

Balance and scale are important when placing plants in a room. For instance, in a long and narrow room, you wouldn’t want to use 4-inch plants on one end. Instead, place a large upright plant at each end of the room.

To add some drama, group a number of plants together either in the same container or separate pots. When grouping, it's great to use plants from the same family so the arrangement doesn't look haphazard. To be bold, you can have one plant stand out by being of a different color variation. Different heights will also add a more interesting and appealing look.

After your plants are potted and looking great, just make sure to add water!