Divide and Conquer: Design and Remodel Ideas to Separate Two Rooms

Open floor plans are becoming a huge remodel hit all around the country, but the downside is that it can be hard to have any space defined.

With one large room used for everything from watching TV to eating a home-cooked meal, what you envision as the living area could end up being your child's dining area and your dining area could end up being your husband's workplace. It's great that you can feel connected to one another even when you're all doing your own thing, but having the spaces defined could help make your remodel a lot more efficient.

Probably the easiest way to separate two distinct areas of a large common room is to use folding screens. These can be used to conveniently and elegantly shelter your reading nook from the living room. Since these screens are portable and modular, you can easily move them if you need extra space in your design.

Hanging curtain panels are a great way to divide rooms if you're watching your dimes, and they can easily be taken down and stored if you need to open the space up again. Panel curtains are available in any size and color imaginable, so it's always possible to find the perfect one whether you want something fun for the living room or something elegant for the dining room.

Open-backed bookshelves can also separate rooms in a snap while still being usable for the extra storage. You can place cookbooks to face the kitchen and DVDs to face the living room so whatever you're looking for is always within reach. A closed cabinet is another remodel option, but it can hamper that connected feeling in your open floor plan.