Downsize Your Space and Maximizing Your Home Design

As we get older, so do our kids. As they get older, they grow their own wings, learn to fly and leave the nest. They all do it different ways; going to college, getting a job, joining the service, etc.

As our young move out, we rearrange and reallocate bedrooms, turn old play rooms into guest rooms and sometimes we downsize. 

Keep in mind: Downsizing DOES NOT equate to downgrading. The old saying “Home is where the heart is” rings true when we realize that all of the memories we made in our two-story home in the suburbs can fit comfortably into our new ranch-style house in the foothills, with plenty of room to make more.

Downsizing with Design

This is also where home design comes into play. The first step being: Lose the clutter. Try planning ahead by furnishing your space with products that serve multiple functions such as aesthetic appeal and storage, simultaneously. A loft space allows for wide-open rooms that have multiple purposes, to suit any occasion. A blank wall can become a home entertainment center, a smaller closet can become a home office, a platform bed that also has drawers can save a lot of space in a smaller bedroom.

By embracing your newer, downsized space with a creative perspective, we can maximize your design and make any house, apartment, condo or townhouse, feel like home.