Entertainment Center Remodel - Tips on How to Decorate

No matter how hard you try, in a remodeled room entertainment centers usually end up becoming the focal point of a room due to their size and presence. This doesn't have to be a bad thing, though—just think of it as the ideal place to add interest through creative decor!

Remember, a blank entertainment center can be a waste of space and be rather distracting, so use it as a canvas to complement the colors, style, and theme of the room.

You can use the new remodel entertainment center to display your collections. Not only will your vases and statues add quite a bit of interest to an otherwise boring entertainment center, it will efficiently showcase all your items for everyone to see. Use the focal point of entertainment centers to your advantage and turn it into an exhibit featuring your wonderful collections.

Adding lighting to an entertainment center serves two distinct and helpful purposes. General lighting next to the television, such as decorative lamps, help soften the lights and makes it easier for you to watch without straining your eyes. Spot lights and accent lights will help you showcase your item assortment even better and draw the eye to what you really want to show off, so point these lights to specific shelves or items so your most prized possessions get the attention they deserve.

Last but not least, keep your DVDs and other media hidden in the storage compartments. Even though you don't want a blank entertainment center, you should not let unseemly objects attract any sort of focus.

Do you have creative ways you've decorated your entertainment center? Let us know in the comments section.