Everything and the Kitchen Sink

When starting a kitchen remodel, you won’t want to go in without feeling 100 percent confident about the process. The best way to be fully prepared for anything that may arise is an extensive and all-encompassing plan.

Since kitchen remodel projects range the gamut from reworking a few things to taking down walls, it’s important you address the goals you’d like from your new kitchen right from the get go.

Before the remodel can begin, you should take a good long look at your kitchen. Note the space available, the overall layout, where the water pipes and gas hookup locations, lighting successes and shortcomings, and what you want your kitchen to accomplish. Knowing all of these things can make your project go much smoother and will help in determining how much you can do with the budget you have. Ask yourself questions like if you would rather have more open space so there is room to work or if you want to increase storage by adding more cabinets and an island. Think about if you want to dine at a bar in the kitchen or a table in an adjacent room.

There can be a lot of think about and it can seem daunting without guidance. Eren Design and Remodel has been helping families in the Tucson area start their kitchen renovations with our kitchen design services. By walking you through the process we are sure everyone is completely comfortable before the construction starts. After that, the real fun starts and you’ll be cooking in your new kitchen before you know it!