Extend Your Home with a Backyard Makeover

For more than 25 years I’ve worked as a remodeling contractor. I’ve seen a lot of new remodeling trends emerge. Some have been wonderful inventions. Other updates ran their course – quickly.

Five or six years ago, the market began to see a huge shift towards the development of refined outdoor living spaces. From the very beginning, these backyard makeovers have been clear winners in my book. 

These aren’t simple updates that will quickly be out of fashion. A fully functional backyard that acts as an outdoor living room extends the footprint of your home. It allows you to comfortably spend quality time outdoors.

To me, that’s the key – comfort. If the back patio isn’t comfortable and relaxing, you’re not going to use the space. Whenever I talk with clients about extending their home with a backyard makeover, I always focus on how to make the space comfortable.

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4 Luxurious Backyard Makeover Updates

  • A Defined Space – The walls of your home don’t just protect you from the elements. They add a sense of belonging and comfort. While you typically won’t erect walls on your patio, you can create a similar sensation by defining the space. This could include constructing a designated walkway, framing an outdoor dining area with darker stones or using planters to line the outside of an outdoor lounge area.
  • An Outdoor Kitchen – For those who love to cook, an outdoor kitchen can be an incredible haven. They can be as elaborate as your indoor kitchen – complete with countertops, stoves, and a sink. Or they can be simple, featuring a grill and small prep area.
  • Beautiful Lighting – If you plan on spending time outside when the sun goes down, thinking about your lighting is a must. While there are some non-electrical options – such as solar lights and candles – most of the time you’ll want to consider some built-ins. This could mean everything from equipping your patio with outdoor outlets for plugging in string lights to installing small tappers throughout the patio.
  • Luxurious Pool – Especially here in the Tucson area, a pool provides an amazing relief from the heat.When designed correctly, they can also add an aesthetic beauty to your outdoor space.

What Next?

Is your patio in need of some TLC? Our design team can help you create a plan to maximize your space.