Exterior Home Remodel Improvements

While the temperatures stay cool and the sun isn't beating down on you, why not spend some time to revive your home's exterior? From big projects like a redoing your porch to simply adding some pathway lights, you can use Tucson's mild winter to your advantage and greatly increase your home's curb appeal.

If your home has had the same colors for a long time now, your home can feel boring. Without too much work, or paint, you can revise the trim. Neutral colors will give your home a timeless look, but, if you're feeling adventurous, you can add some of your personal style and make your home stand out with a contrasting hue like black, green, or purple. While you're at it, paint the door so it stands out from the rest of your home. This creates a welcoming sense right from the get-go for all your guests.

If you get a lot of noise from the street that makes it just too hard to relax on your porch, try adding a water feature like a fountain or bubbler. Not only will this help mask unwanted noise, but it will create a great focal point in your yard and make all of your neighbors envious.

For some finishing touches, update the exterior hardware. You can go all out and change everything—like your porch light and door knob—or just a few of the items that need a little more life. Just make sure everything matches when you're finished and you'll increase the curb appeal of your home dramatically.