Our Favorite Space-Saving Kitchen Cabinet Storage Ideas

When it comes to kitchen organization, storage is always an issue – no matter how big or small your kitchen may be. How your kitchen cabinets are designed can greatly impact your kitchen’s functionality.

Over the centuries, a lot of different kitchen storage ideas have been developed. From kitchen cabinet solutions for corners to how to finding room for all your pots and pans, we’ve seen (and handled) it all. The following are the two most cumbersome kitchen cabinet storage problems we’ve encountered and some of the space saving kitchen ideas we’ve used help clients solve them:

Blind Corners

The Problem: You can’t see around them so they become black holes.

The Solution: Shelving that moves to reveal cabinet’s full contents.

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Half Lazy Susans often offer the ability to create shelving in blind corners that can be pulled out.

In the land of kitchen cabinet storage solutions, blind corners are often the biggest issue our clients encounter. This is especially true when space is limited. The more scaled down your kitchen becomes, the more blind corners you are likely to have. And, the more you’ll depend on good storage ideas for small kitchens.  

No matter how big or small your kitchen, the solution to blind corner cabinets is the same – you need to find a way to see what’s behind those corners. Because the wall of your cabinet is part of the structure, you’ll need a cabinet storage organizer that pulls the items out.

These are two of our favorite and most commonly used blind corner optimizers:

  • Lazy Susan – Lazy Susans are circular shelving units that twist in place to allow you to get a 360-degree view of the shelves. This help you not ‘lose’ items to the depths of your cabinet, where they are likely to get hidden behind blind corners or other items. The downside to Lazy Susans is that they are circles placed in a right-angled space. This means you lose out on valuable square inches of storage in the corners.
  • Half Lazy Susans – Half Lazy Susans take the traditional rotating shelves up a notch, giving you the freedom to maximize the full depth of your cabinet. Formed in a half circle, the Half Lazy Susan typically takes up more of the cabinet’s full square footage. The unit then rotates out of the cabinet, giving you a bird’s eye view of your items.

Pots and Pan Storage

The Problem: Stacking bulky pots and pans makes it difficult to access the tool you need, when you need them.

The Solution: Customized cabinet organizers that pull out, designed to handle your pots and pans.

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Larger items can be difficult to store. customized shelves and drawers can be designed to hold your specific tools.

Larger items, like pots and pans can be particularly difficult to store. Most folks revert to stacking multiple pans one on top of the other. The issue with this is twofold. First, accessing the pans on the bottom can be cumbersome, requiring you to lift a heavy stack. Second, stacking can cause your pans to become damaged due to scratches and dents.

This is why one of our favorite clever kitchen storage ideas includes customized pullout shelves, specifically designed to handle your pots and pans. With the right configuration and dividers, we can create kitchen cabinet hardware that stores your pots, pans, and lids, without requiring you to unpack the entire contents of a cabinet just to access your stockpot!

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