Give Her An At-Home Spa Bathroom

Gentlemen, let me tell you something. Your lady will never get tired of hearing, “I love you.”

Terry (my husband) does a lot of amazing things. But without a doubt, one of my favorites is when he spoils me with something I can enjoy day in and day out. It’s like he’s saying, “I love you,” over and over.

It. Never. Gets. Old.

If you’re looking for a gift that says you care every single day, give her an at-home spa bathroom. 

I’m not just saying this because I run a design and remodel firm. This is the inside scoop from the woman who gets to relish being spoiled. When designed to be both beautiful and functional, a bathroom can become a retreat. It’s a space where your lady can relax, breathe a little easier, and (when necessary) get her game face on for the day.

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4 Keys to an At-Home Spa Bathroom

Remember, this is about more than a room with a shower, sink, and toilet. A spa-bath is a place to unwind. It’s where you can quickly get dressed for a big meeting or spend the evening by candlelight listening to music.

  • Spacious Shower – Your shower doesn’t need to allow for somersaults. In fact, that would probably be too big to be comforting. Rather, you want something big enough you can move around, but small enough it doesn’t feel industrial.
  • Dual Sinks – The number of disputes that have happened while playing elbow jockey for the sink are staggering. While you and your honey obviously like to share space – there’s something to be said for having a bit of your own. Dual sinks let you get ready together without playing the ‘whose turn is it’ game.
  • Toilet Room – We all like a little privacy. Enough said.
  • Luxurious Spray Features – Think beyond the simple wall-mounted showerhead. Rather, consider more luxurious options like a rain showerhead or a body spray setup. This setup surrounds you in water, pulsing your body from multiple directions. 


Deep Soaker Tub – Ten years ago, most designers would tell you this feature wasn’t optional. It was a necessity. Today, we know better. A soaker tub is totally optional. It really comes down to whether or not you like to take baths. If you don’t – skip it. It just takes up space. If you do – make sure you go try out a few. Nothing is worse than slipping into your new tub only to discover you don’t fit

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