Grab Bars – Not Your Grandma’s Anymore

I love showers. They are amazing – unless you slip and fall. Thankfully, I’ve never completely hit the tile. But there have been a few scares. You know those dicey moments when you misstep and suddenly your wet hands are trying desperately to get traction on slippery tiles?

Or, when you’re stepping over the tall edge of the tub and you lose your balance? The “relaxing” shower is not so relaxing then, is it?

If you have fallen, you are not alone. Falls are the most common household accident and a simple grab bar can help prevent them. This precaution is important for many of us. Whether you want to age in your home or make Grandchildren and houseguests safer, a grab bar can help.

Grab bars in bathtubs and showers should be placed on both inside and out to provide maximum support. Typically, grab bars are straight and can be installed horizontally, diagonally or vertically. “L-shaped” bars are another common shape and ideal near toilets, as they allow you to change hand positions.

Today grab bars aren’t your grandma’s anymore. The grab bars you saw on your last Tucson Medical Center visit are not your only option. They are now available in a curved wave shape, circles, and other patterns. Though grab bars are frequently made out of a textured stainless steel for durability and traction, they also come in chrome or brass for a more luxurious look. Mockett makes a fabulous one with a rubber grip and sleek design. See more about it here. 

Don’t love your shower any less because you are scared of slipping. An attractive grab bar can make all the difference.  

Over the next 3 weeks, I will be exploring some of my favorite big and small bathroom upgrades. Please join me next week for more.