Here are the Top 9 Kitchen Remodeling Considerations

We like to think of your kitchen as the heart of your home. Whether you want a big open floor plan or love having a separate space for cooking, these nine tips will help ensure your remodeled kitchen is a space you love.

1. Start with a Triangle to Maximize Functionality

The stove, sink, and refrigerator are the three most heavily used features of any kitchen. Placing them in an equilateral triangle allows you to easily move between all three, maximizing the functionality of your kitchen.

Bonus Tip: Bigger isn’t always better. While a spacious kitchen can certainly be a perk, too much space makes cooking and cleaning more difficult. Think about how many people will generally be working in your kitchen at one time. The more bodies, the more space needed. Typically, you’ll want enough space for two bodies to pass each other at the key points.

2. Layer Lights

Lighting is one of the most important safety features of any kitchen. Working in shadows or a dimly lit space can cause you to make mistakes. Mistakes are never good when you’re working with high temperatures and sharp knives.

By layering light, you can fully illuminate your space. Consider a mixture of recessed lighting, surface-mounted fixtures, and under-cabinet lighting.

3. Invest in a High-Quality Stove

Your stove is your most used and visible appliance. You want to choose something that will last and something that looks good.

Bonus Tip: Don’t overlook your hood. Installing a hood over your range is key to maintaining good air quality in your kitchen. Letting smoke and smells linger is not pleasant to inhale or healthy. And, it can cause surfaces to collect excess dirt and grime.

Insider Cooking Tip: Do you often get watery eyes when cutting onions? Turn on your hood’s fan fan before you start chopping. The ventilation will help circulate the sting-inducing air out and fresh air in, cutting down on the tears.

4. Choose Solid Surface Counters for Easy Cleanup

The more grooves, corners, and crannies in your kitchen, the more spaces for dirt and grime to cling. To make cleanup easier, select a solid surface for your countertop.

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5. Consider Your Dishware and Kitchen Tools When Designing Cabinets

You can have endless cabinets, but if your kitchen items don’t fit, those cabinets don’t do you a lot of good. Make sure to consider your dishware and kitchen tools when designing your cabinets. This means measuring your plates. Cabinets should be at least as deep as your largest plate. Take stock of how many cookies sheets you have. Vertical dividers in a tall cabinet can make storing and accessing these items easier.

Want your KitchenAid Mixer off the counter? You’ll need a space that can accommodate it. The same is true of your blender, Cuisinart, and other large appliances.

6. Go for Ultra-Durable Flooring

The simple nature of using your kitchen means your floor is going to take a beating. From the inevitable spills to the kitchen dance parties, you want to select a floor that will stand-up to heavy use.

7. Pick a Sink with Depth

Few things are more frustrating when you’re cleaning the kitchen than spilling dirty dishwater all over the floor and countertop. Make sure to select a sink with plenty of depth to keep water where you want it.

Bonus Tip: Consider a faucet with a single handle. Trying to adjust both a warm and cold handle while holding a dirty dish can be quite cumbersome.

8. Don’t Overlook Electrical Outlets

Constantly unplugging the coffee maker to plug in the toaster oven can get pretty old. So too can charging your phone by the stove or being forced to blend sauces in the corner because that’s the only place you have access to an outlet.

Rather, make sure you have plenty of outlets. You might even consider placing an outlet inside a drawer. This can give you a safe place to charge personal devices.

9. Give Your Kitchen Some Personality

The final piece of any great kitchen is personality. If you just throw all white into a space, it can be highly functional. Unfortunately, it can also look very utilitarian. You want a space you enjoy spending time. And one that you’ll be proud to show off to guests.

Items like a colorful backsplash and stained wood cabinet doors can make your kitchen a room you treasure.  

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