Holiday Hardware – Tucson Bathroom Upgrades

The log is in the fireplace,

all spiced and set to burn.

At last, the yearly Christmas race

is in the club house turn.

The cards are in the mail,

all the gifts beneath the tree.

And now it’s time to pick out,

a little something for me.

That’s not exactly how Tom Hegg started A Cup of Christmas Tea. I know. But after shopping for the kids, picking out the perfect gift for your other half, and getting the yearly family updates in the mail, a little self-spoiling is just what is needed. Updating your bathroom can turn everyday grooming into a quiet escape. While planning your bathroom remodel, there are a lot of things to think about. For today, let’s just keep it to one – hardware.

Hardware includes doorknobs, drawer pulls, shower curtain rods, faucets, mirrors, towel bars, grab bars, towel rings, and toilet paper holders. You will want to make sure your hardware matches the overall style of your bathroom. Here are two hardware considerations when planning your bathroom upgrade.


I think this is the biggest decision regarding your bathroom hardware. Typically, all finishes in a room should be the same. There are some fun mix and match finishes, but they should be used sparingly, if at all. While your hardware should match your décor, it is also important that you like the way it feels. Do you like handles with texture? Or is a smoother finish more up your alley?


As with the finish, the style of your hardware should match your bathrooms decorative style. For bathrooms with an old-fashioned feeling, an antique finish often looks ideal. Contemporary or Scandinavian décor lends itself well to minimalist hardware with clean lines. Gold-plated hardware works well with marble countertops and glass tiles.

No matter what, remember to pick something you absolutely love. After all, this is a little something for you.