Home Addition: How a Fireplace can Bring Warmth to your Home

The seasons are starting to change in Tucson and it won’t be long until the cool winter nights are upon us. When the summer heat is just a memory, wouldn’t it be nice to have a warm fireplace to keep you nice and toasty?

Even in a place like Tucson that is more known for its high temperatures than anything else, a fireplace is a welcomed home addition to most any home. Being in the desert, we lack the cover to keep the heat in and, once the sun goes down in the winter months, it can get cold fast. Though it will only be used for a short period of the year, a fireplace would make a great focal point and addition to any homes living area.

You may not think a fireplace is incredibly practical, but you’ll certainly enjoy it in January! Plus, it doesn’t have to be utilized to showcase its beauty. When the weather outside is in the 90s, you can still use the fireplace. Simply light some candles and you dim the lights to create an intimate and romantic setting with the fireplace in the middle of summer.

With styles that range from classic brick and an ornate wooden mantel to a cool and contemporary slate surround, any style of decor can be easily complemented with a great fireplace! Let your imagination run wild and you’ll be sure to find the perfect style to fit your home additions design and in no time will have a new centerpiece for your living room.