Home Design Inspired By Southwestern Surroundings: Cacti

Arizona’s southwestern landscape carries an abundance of cacti. Depending on where you’re hiking, or what part of the Grand Canyon State you’re in, you may come across chollas, saguaros, golden hedgehogs, or Arizona barrels, among others.

With the southwest serving as a haven for artists and an ever-flowing well of inspiration, it comes as no surprise that cacti are continually the subject of varied pieces of artwork, photos and other creative mediums adding to the narrative of the American southwest. Cacti are also prevalent in southwestern interior design.

Perhaps what makes the cacti such a vital aspect of the southwestern creative process is its timeless presence.

A well-placed baby cactus as a centerpiece, soaking up the sun on a window ledge,  or in a spherical terrarium, can lend a modern eloquence to your space, while paying tribute to the environment from which it calls home.

Playful paintings featuring the ruby red saguaro cactus flower that blooms in late spring, can add a vibrant splash of color to a small space, hallway or entryway.

While cacti contribute to the atmosphere with their brilliance in color, timeless captivity and truly southwestern presence, it should be noted that a cactus and its prickly spines can be the source of much needed texture, which can be what really makes your home design pop and come together as a well-refined style.