Home Staging

Sometimes life takes you away from your home. A new job opens up in another state, you need more room for your growing family, or you just need a change of scenery—whatever the reason, you may have to put the home you love up for sale.

Selling a home, however, takes more than just a "For Sale" sign in the front yard. Competition is fierce and you'll have to do all you can to make your home appeal to as many buyers as possible. That's why home staging is a valuable skill to learn.

The best way to learn how to stage your home for sale is to visit a few model homes, and take careful notice of how everything is set up. Likely, you'll notice how neutral the furnishings and colors are and how it's all made to create a feeling of inviting spaciousness. This is exactly what you need to implement in your home when perspective buyers take their tours.

Declutter your table tops and bookcases and give everything a good cleaning. If you see any personal mementos, hide them. It's harder for prospective buyers to see themselves living in a house that looks like it belongs to another family through and through.

Arrange your furniture to showcase the spacious of your home. It may not be incredibly practical for your everyday needs to have that recliner not face the TV, but if it makes your living room look bigger, it'll be worth the minor inconvenience.

If you still don't think you have everything sorted out by yourself, hire a professional stager. You can keep your day job and let them do theirs. The quicker sale of your house will be worth it.