How Important are Testimonials When Evaluating Design Companies?

When your grandpa’s car died and he needed a new one, did he read newspaper ads for advice? Not a chance. It might have been awhile ago, (we won’t count gray hairs to figure out just how long), but I remember my grandpa.

He walked next door and asked his neighbor’s opinion. Who better to give a recommendation than a guy who has already visited dealerships? Test driven cars? Made a purchase?

It does not matter if you are buying a car or choosing a design and remodel firm, testimonials are incredibly important. Anyone can say anything about themselves. Just think about the classic used car salesman. However, an impartial review is another whole story. Praise or criticism from people with nothing invested in a company’s success or failure gives you the best idea of what to expect. If a company cannot provide testimonials, I would encourage you to ask why. A successful history is one of the best indicators of a successful future.

What to Look For in a Testimonial

When picking a design and remodel firm, think about what is important to you. Then, ask for testimonials about those specific topics. Topics I would encourage you to consider:

Living at Home

If you’re living at home during your remodel, you’ll want to consider how clean a design and remodel firm keeps their job sites. Do they take precautions to keep dust out of your living space? How friendly are the work crews? They will be in your home at least five days a week. I know I would want them to be kind and respectful.


While pictures can be beautiful, you want something which will last. Make sure the design and remodel firm you select has a history of top quality work. Once your home is finished, you’ll want to enjoy in it for years to come.

Sticking to a Schedule

Finishing a job on time is important. Not only does it mean you can enjoy your home sooner, but it is one of the biggest factors which contribute to staying in budget.


Remodeling your home is a big decision and you want it done right. Did the design and remodel firm take the time to listen to other customer’s wants and needs?

Regardless of the purchase, I encourage you to ask for testimonials - especially with large investments like your home.