How to Create the Ultimate Outdoor Living Space in Tucson

I have to say – winter in Tucson is one of my favorites. As the rest of the country is slogging through snow, wind, and rain – I’m driving to work in 60-degree weather and loving every second of it. We’re blessed around here with warm days, and sometimes they’re warmer than others. This is why I’m a huge proponent of outdoor living spaces.

When created with attention to our unique Arizona climate, your patio can become a year-round extension of your home. It can be the welcoming destination for a festive gathering or the leisurely retreat for an afternoon spent with a good book. 

But, how do you create the ultimate outdoor living space in Tucson?

Some items are staples. For example, nearly every great backyard in Tucson has shade. But other choices are unique. They’re determined by your wants and needs. How you plan to use the space should dictate how it’s designed.

Tucson Patio Staples


As 60-degress turns into 90 (and eventually pushes 100+), shade is essential. Umbrellas are the natural choice for many homeowners. They require little-to-no installation. And, they can be repositioned as needed.

While we’re fans of having a few umbrellas on hand, incorporating shade into the natural design of your space offers an elegant and unobstructed retreat. Umbrella alternatives could include:

  • A large contemporary canvas stretched over an outdoor dining area.
  • Privacy screens to block the view of neighbors while providing shade.
  • Wooden trellis.
  • Covered outdoor room.


Beyond stepping into an icebox, nothing will cool you and your family off more quickly than a dip in the pool. In some areas of the county, a pool is one of those personal choices that doesn’t provide a return-on-investment (ROI) for you as a homeowner.

In the Tucson area, pools offer vital refreshment. They’re a huge selling point for potential buyers. And, they’re pretty.

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Tucson Patio Tips & Suggestions

Seamless Transition From the Indoors Out

If you truly want your patio to be an extension of your home, consider bringing the indoors out. By incorporating similar aesthetics – like the same wood beams and tile found inside your home – you can seamlessly move guests beyond the physical footprint of your home.

Container Gardening with a Drip Watering System

Have a green thumb? Container gardening paired with a drip watering system allows you to maximize your water usage while enjoying a variety of growing beauties. Before we even get started with the design, I like to discuss what you plan to grow.

There are a variety of plants that thrive in our Tucson environment. Every plant has its own unique needs. We’ll want to make sure your garden is equipped to provide the right amount of shade and sun.

Outdoor Air-Conditioning

No. We’re not actually talking about installing an AC unit outdoors. That would just be silly. But, equipping your patio, or part of your patio, with a misting system can offer a cooling relief on a hot day.

Ready to spoil yourself?

Let’s talk about how to create the ultimate outdoor living space for your Tucson home.

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