How to Decorate and Remodel your Southwestern Fireplace

The southwestern style is all about the rustic aesthetic and family gathering, so using your fireplace as a focal point in a southwestern room is a given.

Remodeling your mantel in the southwestern style with complementing natural elements can make your room feel cozy even on our cold winter nights.

To get a real southwestern style feeling in your fireplace, you will want to use rustic texture and geometric shapes. Draw the natural and bold colors and textures from both Indian and Mexican influences, as they are both indicative to creating the southwestern feel. Hang a roughly hewn log for the mantelpiece to bring a little of the outside in or paint the wall over the fireplace a darker version of the wall color. This way you can highlight the fireplace as the focal point without overpowering the room.

The southwestern style is all about hand-woven fabrics and baskets as well as handmade pots and terracotta tiles, so a display showcasing a collection of any of these things is a perfect choice for your mantel. Not only will they provide a great conversation piece, but they'll also provide a burst of color and character and attract the eye to your gorgeous fireplace.

To finish off the room, lay out some beautiful hand-woven blankets either in earthy tones of the characteristic bright colors. You can also add some wildflowers to handmade baskets and pots to end and coffee tables to tie in some of the colors and textures of your fireplace to the rest of the space.