How to Design a Kitchen the Grandkids Will Love

You’ve been dropping hints to your kids for years. Hints that went something like, “When am I going to have adorable grandkids?”

You’ve been daydreaming about teaching them how to make your infamous chocolate chip cookies and introducing them to joys of fresh made pasta. But, is your kitchen a place little hands and little bodies will love to spend time helping out?

We can’t guarantee your grandchild will aspire to be the next Julia Child or Emeril Lagasse. But, we can help you create a kitchen that’s beautiful for you and functional for them. 

Big Islands Create a Natural Gathering Point for You and Little Helpers

Consider the typical cutting board. From chopping veggies to rolling cookies, a cutting board makes most tasks a one-person job. And, a one-person job that often leaves your back turned towards the rest of the kitchen.

Cooking together is about working together. It’s about eye contact and conversation. That’s pretty hard to do with your back turned!

By adding a big island to your kitchen, you’ll create a natural gathering space for everything from licking beaters to sipping coffee with their parents during naptime.

Large Sink Provide lots of Space to Small Hands Still Learning to Wash

Installing a child-size sink isn’t practical. Your grandkids will just outgrow it way too quickly. Then you’ll be left with an entirely unfunctional sink in your kitchen.

But a large sink – a sink that’s wide and deep – allows for splashing as little hands learn how to wash and for big piles of dishes that need to be attended to later.

Bonus Tip: Worried about the grandkids being able to reach the sink? Get a sturdy stool to help them bridge the height gap.

Easy to Clean Floors Make Spills no Big Deal

Elaborate tile floors can be beautiful. They can also be a lot of work to clean if something gets stuck in the grout.

By opting for flooring with no (or minimal) grouting, cleaning can be as simple wiping up the spill with a damp mop. This doesn’t mean you have to settle for a utilitarian, boring design. You can still create a beautiful kitchen floor. It just means maybe you’ll want to skip the elaborate mosaic. Save that for your entryway.

Talk to one of our designers and start planning your grandkid-friendly kitchen today.