How to Survive a Kitchen Remodel

It’s a safe bet to assume you’ve probably dreamed of remodeling your kitchen. Whether you have pictured large countertops for making cookies with grandkids, an open floor plan for entertaining or simply more storage – updating your kitchen can add value and enjoyment to your life.

That’s assuming you can survive the remodel.

From the dust to the inconvenience, living through a kitchen remodel can feel like a herculean effort. But, it doesn’t have to be. 

Make the Kitchen Remodel Process Easier

  • Work With a Remodeler Who Respects Your Space – This is number one piece of advice I would give anyone - including my family. The guys and gals remodeling your kitchen are going to be in your home. You want each member of your remodeling team to treat your home as though it is their own.
  • Up Your Grill Game – While your kitchen’s under construction, you’ll typically lose access to both your stovetop and oven. This doesn’t mean you are relegated to a microwave in the bathroom. Put your grill to use and get creative. Go beyond chicken and hot dogs. You can grill veggies and fruit. With a cast iron pan, you could make scrambled eggs or rolls. The possibilities are endless!
  • Consider a Vacation – If you can, treat yourself to a vacation. This will allow you to simply get out of the house. Worried about being able to monitor the progress of your project or make strategic decisions? Talk to prospective remodelers about that from the beginning. Ask them what kind of systems they have in place for communicating with you. Will they FaceTime on-site or send pictures via email? These are two ways you can be present without being in town.
  • Use Paper & Plastic – No one wants to climb into the bathtub to wash the dishes. As much as possible, use disposable dishware. In days past, disposable was harmful to the earth. Now, there are a variety of earth-friendly options that can be tossed in your compost bin.

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