Hypoallergenic Bathroom Remodeling

A couple years ago we worked with a client who needed two bathrooms updated. The wrinkle was, she had severe allergies. Her updates needed to be hypoallergenic.

From the paint on the walls to the lotion our contractors wore, we took special precautions with all the materials that entered her home.

3 Hypoallergenic Friendly Remodeling Techniques

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From hypoallergenic paint to all-natural, non-fading
soapstone sealer and clean job site best practices, we take hypoallergenic
bathroom remodeling seriously.

1. Hypoallergenic Paint

Rather than traditional paint, we utilized Milk Paint from the Milk Paint Company. Made from 100% organic materials, this non-toxic paint is environmentally friendly. And it’s fume free, so you don’t need to worry about it releasing any chemicals into the air.

2. Sealed Soapstone Counters

Soapstone is an incredibly elegant and durable option for your counters. Slightly softer than granite, it has a smooth feel that can add a natural warmth to your bathroom. When fresh from the quarry, it’s light gray in color. As soapstone is exposed to liquids it darkens over time. Mineral oil is traditionally used to speed this process. Unfortunately, mineral oils often have scents that our client’s sensitivities couldn’t handle. Turning again to the Milk Pain Company, we were able to source an all-natural, non-fading soapstone sealer.

3. Clean Job Site

At Eren Design, we’re huge believers in a clean job site. For this particular remodel, we followed the same five best practices we use for every job. These include:

  • Seal All Living Spaces – Unless we are doing a whole home remodel, prior to any demolition or construction, we make sure to seal off the area in which we’ll be working. This keeps any dirt and dust from permeating the rest of the home.
  • Cover All Valuables – In addition to sealing off rooms, we take great care to cover valuable items so they aren’t damaged during the process.
  • Run an Air Filtration System – We bring a Build Clean portable air filtration system to every site. This small machine packs a lot of oomph, filtering the air to capture dust and dirt.
  • Sweep Daily – Daily sweeping not only cuts down on the mess, but it helps us remove any potentially dangerous items, like nails, that may have fallen on the floor throughout the day.
  • Store Tools – Each night, we store all equipment and tools. Keeping every job site organized
    improves safety and cleanliness.

For this particular project, we took the job site cleanliness a bit further. Our client’s sensitivities included scented lotions
and perfumes. So, any contractor working on the client’s site could only use 100% fragrance free products before entering the site.

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