Incorporating the home office into your home design

With the rise of the Internet and increased communications, more and more people are working from home, these days. If you’re going to be working from home, you need the space to maintain productivity, but you don’t want to bring the stress of the office into your home design.

By finding the happy medium between work and play, style and comfort, and functionality and design; your home office will serve as both a place to conduct business but also a space you can be proud to display when showing your home to visitors and company.

Incorporate comfort into your home office via fireplaces, comfortable seating and easy access to the outdoors, or large windows. By designating space for breaks and relaxation, you will be more inspired to get things finished and accomplish your tasks.

If your home office is a temporary fixture in a more family-oriented space, such as the dining room or living room, utilize furniture that will double as storage space in your home design for when you need to use the room for entertaining. Another way to maximize space and get the most out of each room can be achieved via creative use of room dividers.

By designating a space for work, within a larger space, you can use the dividers to your advantage by playing other aspects of your design off the divider panels.

One way to keep stress levels down in your home office has less to do with your design and more to do with your surroundings. Install speakers to play soft music while working, or invite the family dog in to keep you company while you work.