Incorporating the Southwest Flora and Fauna into Your Home Design

The desert is abundant with beautiful creatures, critters, plants and other living organisms. From the Native American Indians who first called this land home, to modern-day desert dwellers, we all designate a spiritual, emotional and cultural significance to our brethren of the eco-system.

When planning your home design or remodel, be inspired by the spontaneity and playfulness of the coyote. In indigenous literature, the Coyote embodies the “trickster” spirit, and through various characters and appearances, brings new processes of thought into being, or shakes things up with some humorous chaos. The Coyote is sometimes referred to as a “bringer of light.” Channel your inner coyote by using bright azures, terra cotta, and varied shades of yellow on walls, doors, window frames and outdoor spaces.

Perhaps one of the longest-standing icons of the Old West is the Longhorn bull skull. Pay homage to this western mainstay by incorporating over doorways, or adorning the walls of a social parlor. When paired with wrought-iron door handles and lighting fixtures and complimented by refurbished wood accessories, your space can really feel straight out of the Old West.

Cacti populate the Southwest from Colorado to California and everywhere in between. In Arizona, we are blessed to see them almost everywhere we go, and in Tucson, we’ve devoted a national park to the Saguaro. By incorporating small cacti into your interior design or working around them to maintain their health in your exterior, your living space will seem to have a more natural connection to it’s Southwestern surroundings.

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