Indoor – Outdoor Living for your Tucson Home

Do you love our sunny weather? I do! It is amazing to me that we have an average of 350 sunny days a year. I want to take as much advantage of the beautiful weather as possible which is why indoor –outdoor living spaces are so fantastic.

In addition, creating an outdoor living space adds to the square footage of your home without increasing the footprint.

What sort of outdoor living options do you have? The possibilities are nearly endless. Fireplaces, kitchens, “living rooms” with plush furniture, waterproof TVs, and even outdoor air conditioning. Still, it takes a little planning. Here are few things to consider: 

Pushing Out the Living Room

Most of the time it is hot here in Tucson! To create an enjoyable outdoor space, think about shade and air movement. With the addition of sliding glass doors and an extended gazebo roof, your living room will expand greatly. Make the space flow naturally, by placing similar furniture both in and out. To give this space additional flexibility, use easily stored furniture which accommodates different numbers of people, such as stools and benches.

Improve your shaded roof with heat relieving ceiling fans. The additional air movement will significantly decrease the temperature of your outdoor space. I would recommend more than one.

Outdoor Kitchens

Backyard BBQs with Weber grills and buckets of beer have reached a new level. No longer does cooking outside mean canned beans and hot dogs. Outdoor kitchens now feature sinks, prep areas, and wood burning ovens. Like pizza? Consider adding a large pizza stone fireplace for the double duty pleasure of beauty and scrumptious food.          

Cocktails aren’t just indoors anymore. Combine the outdoors with the mixologist in you at a complete, open-air wet bar. Lockable cabinets give you the flexibility to store drinkware while the bar is not in use and a built-in ice cooler will help you quench even the hottest parched mouth.

And, don’t forget to pay attention to your appliances. Select ones which will hold up to the elements, like stainless-steel.

Don’t let your walls limit the size of your home. Make use of Tucson’s natural beauty with an indoor – outdoor living space.