Interior Home Design in Pattern, Texture and Details

When conceiving of your interior design there are three main things to keep in mind, which will help immensely when it comes to planning and sticking to a budget: Pattern, Texture and Details.

Pattern: We’re painting with a broad brush. Pattern includes style, and other atmosphere-forming elements. But deciding on a cohesive pattern for your home will give you a more concise vision of the finished product. Pattern can also encompass symmetry. Always have lines and curves on the mind when planning a pattern. By incorporating symmetry and geometric pattern into your design, you give a space depth and make it aesthetically inviting.

Texture: Texture is kind of overarching in the sense that by incorporating varied textures into your home design, you add to the character as well as layers of depth in the style. A couch is enhanced by a southwestern-inspired blanket – a white wall becomes so much more if it varies in textures. Texture can mean a lot of different things too. An elevated fireplace adds texture to a den where as a recycled glass counter top adds texture to a bathroom.

Details: Ever heard the phrase: It’s all in the details? It’s true. Lighting, product display and furniture staging are all important details to keep in mind when remodeling. An open space becomes smaller if packed with bulky furniture and is poorly lit. When planning a space, try to envision the end product and you will get the best results!