Keep it Beautiful: Home Maintenance Tips for After the Remodel

Just because you have the home of your dreams now doesn't mean it's going to always stay in its perfect and pristine condition. Spending money each year to maintain your home will help it stay beautiful for many more years and, if the time comes to move, you'll have helped your home retain its value.

Here are some tips on what you should look for around the house after your remodel.

Check your foundation a couple of times a year for expanding cracks. Minor cracks are normal, but if you notice they're widening, it may indicate a problem.

Most homes with exterior paint need to be repainted ever five to seven years. If you see fading, blistering, cracking, scaling, or peeling, that's a sign your home is due for a touch-up. Make sure to pay close attention to the walls with the most exposure.

Expect to recaulk seals and joints around windows, doors, and siding every two or three years to keep the outside out.

Check to make sure all doors and windows close properly and tightly, again to make sure you aren't air conditioning the outside. Apply weather stripping to gaps if you see them to help save on those energy bills.

Check your roof and ceiling for signs of leaks before the water starts dripping on your head. Look for water stains on the ceiling and examine shingles regularly for lifting and looseness.

Your air conditioning system should be professionally checked every year and the filters replaced monthly. Air conditioning compressors generally last between eight and 15 years.

Do you have any tips we didn’t talk about? Tell us in the comments below.