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How long does it take to install new kitchen cabinets?

In a remove and replace kitchen renovation, demo is normally done in a day or two. This makes it way less invasive. A cabinet install normally takes two to three days. And, countertops take an additional two weeks from template to install.

Long story short, a kitchen remodel timelines for a simple remove and replace typically spans six to eight weeks.

Whether you’re completely reconfiguring your kitchen or replacing the kitchen cabinets, one of the most common questions we hear is, “How long does the kitchen cabinet installation process take?”

This is a serious concern for most homeowners, as there’s normally a key date – such as a holiday, wedding, graduation or new baby on the way – which demands a fully-functional kitchen. When we talk about a cabinet installation schedule, we’re normally looking at a six- to eight-week process.

However, it’s important to remember that your kitchen remodel schedule can be affected by various factors. These include:

  • Size. Often the bigger the kitchen, the longer the remodel will take.
  • Scope. The number of elements within your kitchen which need to be updated can also impact the length of your kitchen remodel timeline.
  • Specialty Items. It’s always fun when a client wants a specialty item, because these items can really introduce personality to a space. However, it’s important to remember that sometimes these specialty items can take longer to acquire. Specialty items include (but may not be limited to) custom-made doors, rare countertops and exclusive tiles.
  • Change Requests. In most instances, changes to the final design of your kitchen update will result in a delay. Why? Because changes often require redesigning the final design, undoing work we’ve already completed, and ordering new material.
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Typical Kitchen Cabinet Installation Schedule

Planning & Designing Your Kitchen Cabinets

While the plan and design phase isn’t part of our six- to eight-week timeline estimate, it is a very important part of the process. Before a remodeler starts any project, you want to have a clear vision of what they will be doing.

It is during this phase that you pick out cabinets and countertops. It’s now that you and your designer will talk about your needs, the available features, and which ones can help you make your space as functional and beautiful as possible.

Selecting Your Kitchen Cabinet Materials & Products

As mentioned above, the materials and products you select can play a significant role in your kitchen remodel schedule. Both custom cabinets and exclusive products can take substantially longer to source.

Additionally, if you’re selecting a natural stone for your countertops, it’s a good idea to select the actual slab you want. This means someone (you, your designer, or you and your designer) physically going to the dealer and viewing different stone slabs.

Why is this important? Because there can be variations in patterns and colors. Some may be subtle, others can be more drastic. And you want to make sure your updates are ones you’re going to love for years to come.


Removing your old cabinetry and countertops typically takes two days. However, the full scope of the work can change this timeline. If the floor needs to be removed or specialty pieces need to be preserved, this can extend your removal period.

Marking Electrical Outlets

Before we begin construction, our construction crew marks all of the electrical outlets clearly. This includes not only wall outlets, but light fixtures and appliances.

Build and Install

Once the electrical work is marked, we begin the build and install process. It’s at this time we update any electrical wiring that needs to be added and/or replaced. Additionally, we make any adjustments to the plumbing that may be needed.


After all of the electrical and plumbing has passed inspection, we begin priming your kitchen. This includes drywalling and installing the floor.

Installing Cabinets

Now’s when the kitchen really starts to look like a kitchen again. As our construction crew starts installing the cabinets, the kitchen really begins to take shape.

Appliance Install & Countertop Finish

With the cabinets in place, we can begin in the appliances and add the countertops.

Cleaning & Touchup

We take cleanliness very seriously. At the end of each project, our crew thoroughly cleans the site and performs any touch-up work that your project may need.

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